There are a lot mitigating factors when testing your home for radon. Yes, you can purchase a DIY test and save yourself some money but when you hire a professional they can explain the testing protocols and why they are so important to follow. A Government Certified professional will show you other radon entry points and how you can correct them in order to reduce the radon in your home.

While Testing is Underway

  • Windows need to be closed at all times
  • Exterior doors should be kept closed except for when entering and exiting the home
  • Heat and Air Conditioning setting should be kept in a normal setting
  • Do not operate wood stoves, fireplaces, exhaust fans or whole house fans more than in a normal fashion.
  • Do not touch or move radon detector

You need to continue to live your life like normal so we get an accurate reading, but you don’t want to do any of the following in excess during the testing period because it will throw off your results