Every home in Nova Scotia should be tested for radon

HALIFAX, N.S. – Svetlana Barkanova was convinced by her findings that every home in Nova Scotia must be tested for radon. Four years ago, the Memorial University of Newfoundland physics professor and environmental radiation expert randomly tested homes across the province for the cancer-causing uranium byproduct.

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Energy Efficiency increasing Radon Levels

Energy Efficient Retrofits Dangerously Increasing Indoor Radon Levels | Today’s Conveyancer

Recent research into the amount of indoor radon concentrations in our homes suggests that the planet’s need to create more energy efficient living is also leading to increased radon related cancer deaths. UK Radon Awareness week is seeking to increase the notoriety of this relatively unknown and significant danger lurking within our homes.

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Importance Of Testing Your Home

Mike Holmes: The importance of testing your home for radon – it could save your life

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and come November, I’m going to talk about radon. Why? November is Radon Action Month and, for me, that’s my reminder to talk about this deadly toxic gas. Long term exposure to radon can lead to higher instances of lung cancer.

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Murderer or Serial Killer?

Knowing your Radon Gas level is important and you need to care

We wear seat belts or rely on air bags to protect us in case of a car accident – we have smoke detectors in our homes in case of a fire – we have carbon monoxide detectors in case our heating system malfunctions;   so why do we think that detecting radon is not important ? The risk of getting and dying from radon-induced cancer is higher than deaths from drunk driving, falls in the home, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning together!Continue reading “Murderer or Serial Killer?”