Graham Walker is the owner of Radon-Pros NB Ltd. Graham grew up on the Kingston Peninsula and still lives there today. He is certification for Radon Measurement and Mitigation through C-NRPP (Canadian-National Radon Proficiency Program), as well as a Red Seal Carpenter. He truly understands how to help you reduce your radon exposure.

Graham has grown up in the residential construction industry, as his father is also a local builder. He has witnessed many changes in the field over the years, but none as important as radon. Radon is the silent killer that the public is not aware of. We all know about installing carbon monoxide monitors and fire alarms, but few people know the importance of testing for radon.

This is a relatively new industry so the most important job is about public education. This is a serious health risk that we are going to look back on in a couple years and think “How did we not realize this”.

You can be sure that you are trusting a professional when you hire Graham to monitor your home.

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