Murderer or Serial Killer?

Knowing your Radon Gas level is important and you need to care

We wear seat belts or rely on air bags to protect us in case of a car accident – we have smoke detectors in our homes in case of a fire – we have carbon monoxide detectors in case our heating system malfunctions;   so why do we think that detecting radon is not important ? The risk of getting and dying from radon-induced cancer is higher than deaths from drunk driving, falls in the home, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning together!

Radon gas and its radioactive decay products are the number two cause of LUNG CANCER in North America, superseded only by smoking. We have all heard of or maybe even know someone who has developed lung cancer but has never smoked. More than likely radon gas was the culprit. A simple test would help to identify the potential cause and help to prevent this.

Why is testing important?

These radon decay products (RDP) actually attach to dust, smoke, pet dander, aerosols, etc. that we ALL BREATHE IN! It is these radioactive particles that initiate the cancer process. If you have high radon gas levels and if you or someone in your house are smokers, or exposed to second hand smoke (children, pets), the risk of getting and dying from radon-induced lung cancer has just increased by 900%!! There is a significant synergistic effect between high levels and smoking! Great reason to quit! Good reason to test!

If you have children at home they face a lifetime of radon gas exposure at daycare, schools and in your house. What is protecting them? A simple and affordable test. Approximately 3,300 Canadians die each year from preventable radon-induced lung cancer!

Since radon comes from the soil, it is in every house and business that is built upon soil. It easily comes through the foundation cracks, gaps, sump pits, and even pores in the concrete. No one is exempt! You will have it; it is the level that is important to know! WITHOUT TESTING, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW YOU HAVE IT OR WHAT THE LEVEL IS!

Unlike carbon monoxide, there are no symptoms associated with radon – no dizziness, no nausea, no light-headedness, no fatigue. You will not discover the effects for years until a physician and tests indicate you have a stage of lung cancer. Get a test – affordable peace of mind for you and your family! You will never have that peace of mind until you test.

Doing nothing will not lessen the problem or make it go away. Will you or a loved one be one of them? As Dirty Harry once said “Do you feel lucky today ?” Get tested today!

Did You Know?

  • 96% of Canadian houses have NEVER been tested.
  • Only 5% of Canadians actually knew that radon, in fact, caused cancer!
  • 3300 Canadians die each year due to radon
  • #2 Leading Cause of Lung Cancer (only 2nd to smoking)
  • New Brunswick is now requiring all new homes built since September 2015 to have plans for the installation of a radon mitigation system before a building permit has been issued.

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